• The North Cape

    Explore, learn and discover the history of the North Cape and life in the Arctic.Welcome to the North Cape museum.
  • Welcome to
    North Cape by Air

    Explore the North Cape by helicopter. This is a once in a life time adventure!A guided tour through a wild and stunning scenery, circling the monumental North Cape cliff Read More
  • Northermost

    Our Northernmost Life is a touching, funny and authentic journey through life in the Arctic.The show is brilliantly received and is ranked as number 1 on Trip Advisor. Read More
  • Welcome to
    the North Cape

    Get ready for spectacular nature, luminous summer nights and arctic adventures!Midnight sun, breathtaking scenery and the northernmost frontier - welcome to the North Cape! Read More
  • Come on a

    Experience one of the largest, most accessible bird colonies in Europe. Prepare for a stunning encounter with nature and wildlife.Countless birds nest, dive and fly in breathtaking surroundings. This excursion you will never forget. Read More
  • Arctic

    Join us in the hunt for the King crab! Speed, excitement and tasty food around the campfire with Arctic ingredients.Welcome to an unforgettable adventure at the top of Europe - welcome to North Cape Read More
  • Summer
    at North Cape

    Get ready for spectacular nature! Arctic summer in picturesque villages, rich wildlife and raging seas.Midnight sun, breathtaking scenery and the northernmost frontier - welcome to the North Cape! Read More
  • Expedition

    Explore the land of the north. Picturesque fishing villages, shores rich with wildlife and stunning nature.Journey through the most beautiful scenery to the edge of continental Europe - get ready for the North Cape! Read More
  • Artico
    Ice Bar

    Light, sound and images take visitors to the polar world. Welcome to an unforgettable arctic experience!Experience the structure of ice along with photos from the wintry setting and the Northern Lights. Read More
  • Art

    Local artwork, postcards, photos, and handmade collectables from the North Cape and its arctic surroundings.Welcome to Art galleries and Gift Shops at the top of the world. Read More
  • Stunning

    Looking for outdoor activities and stunning sights? Visit the tourist information in the center of Honningsvåg.Welcome to Visit Nordkapp for booking, travel information and a friendly chat at the top of Europe. Read More
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