Artico Ice Bar

Experience the arctic ice and snow during summer

In ARTICO ICE BAR, we also have at your disposal a screen made on ice and snow in which we show images of the zone in winter and aurora borealis. The light, sound and the images take visitors of the polar world. An unforgettable arctic experience !!! ARTICO ICE BAR, is a Norway enterprise created at the end of 2003, with tourist and service aims. The persons in charge are José Mijares and Gloria Pamplona. We are basically focussed on those who visit the north of Norway in spring-summer. Because not everybody is able to travel to Norway in winter, we try to offer an "artic experience" in summer. Did you konw that in the most northern point in Europe, even being at the same latitude of Alaska, Greenland or Siberia, is not possible to see ice or snow in summer period? Thanks to the Gulf of Mexico Warn Stream, the Norwegian coasts stay free from ice in winter...and much more in summer!!! ARTICO ICE BAR was born for all those who are seeking for ice and snow during summer.


  • Street: Sjøgata 1 A
  • Postcode: 9750
  • Place: Honningsvåg


  • Phone:: +47 93 87 06 03
  • Fax: +47 78 47 15 01
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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