The Journey to the end of a continent
In the past Nordkapp was difficult to reach - a destination for adventurers, royalty and expeditions. Today, modern transportation has made this legendary area a popular destination. You can travel here by car, bus, boat or bike. Common for all travelers are the strong experiences that awaits them. Welcome to Nordkapp!

Own vehicle
It is entirely possible to drive all the way to Nordkapp, regardless if you come by car, mobile home or motorcycle. This is a great way to enjoy the landscape. There is a subsea tunnel before reaching the island of Magerøya, several picturesqe villages to explore, the town of Honningsvåg and the steep cliff of the North Cape.

The world's most beautiful sea voyage
Hurtigruten calls at Honningsvåg twice a day - both calls with an excursion trip to Nordkapp. The voyage is a fantastic opportunity to experience the coast of Norway - and to visit Nordkapp. Read more on the homepage of the Hurtigruten

Airport a short drive away
Honningsvåg Airport is located 32 km from Nordkapp. The airport is operated by the airline company Widerø and has arrivals and departures daily. For more information check the airline website

Airports in Alta and Lakselv
There are major airports in Alta and Lakselv. You can visit Nordkapp from these places by bus or rental car. The airports are operated by the airlines SAS and Norwegian

Buses and trains
Go to Narvik by train and continue north by bus. Or go all the way by bus. There are daily departures by bus to Nordkapp in the period May 1th and August 21th. Check with local bus operators for other periods. Departures and prices are available at the tourist information in Honningsvåg, or at the local bus operator.

Transportation schedules
We recommend the local tourist information or local transport services for route information. Route information for other parts of the country can be obtained by telephone (+47) 177 or the web portal for transport services in Norway

There is a taxi service in Honningsvag that will take you to Nordkapp. We advise to book a car in advance during the summer months. Telephone numbers for taxi center is (+47) 78 47 22 34

Car rental
Rent a car and drive to Nordkapp. Cars can be rented at Nordkapp Bilservice and AVIS car rental.

Bicycle or on foot
It is quite possible to cycle or walk to Nordkapp. Be aware of some practical considerations.

We wish you a pleasant journey to Nordkapp!