If you have questions about the coronavirus situation and travelling to our destination and Norway, you'll find updated information and travel advice at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Our government held a press conference this week regarding the end of the restrictions. 
The opening will be in 4 stages, with a minimum of 3 weeks between the steps. No time is set, we must see a sustainable low transmission and not many in hospitals before next step is possible. 
The first step came into effect 16 of April, second may be at the end of May, third step by the end of June. But it depends on the situation so this might change.

From the 20th of june 2021, the North Cape region have entered stage 3. 

 Step 1:

  • Up to 5 guests in your home. 
  • Alcohol cam be served in connection with food until 22:00. 
  • Arrangements that include just one local community can be done. 
  • Recommended safe distance will be changed back to 1 meter. 
  • Up to 100 people on indoor arrangements. 
  • Up to 200 persons on outdoor arrangements. 

Step 2: 

  • Universities and high schools can resume ordinary classes. 
  • Up to 10 guests in your home. 
  • Private arrangements can be for up to 20 people. 
  • Alcohol is available with or without food until midnight. 
  • Arrangements for up to 200 people indoors on chairs. 
  • Children’s activities reopen within the local community. 
  • Adults can again train both indoors and outside. 
  • Domestic travels are no longer discouraged. 
  • The restrictions for international travels are still in place. 
  • Easier for family visits from abroad. 
  • Easier for foreign workers to enter Norway. 

Step 3: 

  • Up to 20 guests in your home 
  • Up to 50 people on private arrangements 
  • For public arrangements there might be fast tests or corona certificate – this is not set yet. 
  • Normal hors for serving alcohol, but with distance between and registration of guests. 
  • Still recommendation for home office 
  • Slow start of organised sports for adults  
  • Children can train and compete between local communities. 
  • The top athletes can resume normal activity. 
  • Opens for travel abroad but still with quarantine and testing. This is still under review. They are talking about
  • Corona certificate. 
  • Normal border crossing for foreign workers  

Step 4: 

  • We are back to almost normal. 
  • But some recommendations are in please. Stay at home if you are sick or in quarantine. May be still some home office. 
  • It can be some restrictions with quarantine and tests for traveller from some areas. 
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Entry rules for Norway 

If you are experiencing symptoms like fever, sore throat, chest pain and breathing difficulties, please stay in your hotel room and contact guest service by telephone or call the 24-hour Norwegian medical service at 116 117 for guidance and assistance.

For information pertaining to cruise ships and the port, please see www.nordkapphavn.no

For information pertaining to aviation and airports, please see the website of Avinor.

The tourist information is closed until further notice. Digital channels will be open for questions.

Given the rapid changes at the moment, we encourage everyone to check the websites of individual businesses for updated information.