Travelling to North Cape in he winter is a true winter adventure. 

When the snow turns everything white, the scenery in Magerøya island is on it's prime. Your tour to the iconic North Cape may just leave you speechless. There is no way to explain the true beauty what winter does to the landscape. Only way to truly understand it's to experience it yourself. Winter in North Cape is not for everyone, the weather can change very quicky so make sure you are prepared. But the feeling once you reach northernmost part in the winter is exquisite, just you and the fresh wind and the open sea - it's truly an experience you only get here. In the North Cape.

Wander around the town of Honningsvåg, it might seem sleepy, like time has stopped. But if you pay attention you may see that the local Art Gallery is open and you see a little jewellery boutique that is aptly named Frozen Summer design. Enjoy our wonderful restaurants, who serve the utmost delicious local food. Continuing your walk through the colourful town of Honningsvåg you will quickly spot our culture house that holds many cultural events and a local nano brewery. That produce you can taste in the pub downstairs. You will probably find a bunch of locals there too, and the locals here are known to be one of the most hospitable people in entire Norway. Honningsvåg has a long and interesting history, you can learn more in our local museum and make a stop by the historical Honningsvåg church.

For more action, explore Magerøya island on AVT's, or go on an King Crab tour and have a taste of this wonderful delicacy. If you are feeling lucky go on a Northern Lights hunt. This island is quite big so knowing the best spots to go will play to your advantage. And don't forget to check the sky one more time before you nestle in your cosy bed, because experiencing the Northern Light's are a true cherry on the top for your winter adventure here in North Cape.

We are looking forwards to seeing you this winter in North Cape!



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