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Stappan Seaproducts

At Stappan Seaproducts you find exclusive range of products and services as:

Seafood restaurant
Enjoy the delicacies of the sea and local fruits in the perfect maritime environment with wonderful views of the Stappan bird cliff, right on the coast, outdoors on our terrace or indoors in our restaurant. Stappan Seaproducts have created their very own menu of traditional dishes with a modern twist.

Their specialities include Fishsoup, Bacalao, Shellfish platter, Reindeer casserole. You can also buy fish to take home and prepare yourself.

Their most popular products are stockfish, klippfish, dried cod and smoked salt water salmon.

Season/Opening hours:

1 Jun – 28 Aug, daily 13.00 - 20.00

For groups of minimum 6 people, it is possible to be served until 22.00 when ordering.

Out of season they welcome groups, no fewer than six people, and not more that 45 people.

For ordering, contact Stappan Seaproducts by phone +47 95037722 or mail ro71no@stappan.no

Around 150 m from Birdsafari AS, 
towards North Export AS .
Kobbenesveien 8, N-9765 Gjesvær .


Deep sea fishing 
Stappan products offer the opportunity for deep-sea fishing in one of the world’s most fish populated sea.

On their tour in this area you have the opportunity of seeing and getting close to Whales, Dolphins and many different Sea Birds. The place we describe is “Gjesvær” in North Cape region. Gjesvær (pronounced Yasvar) right next to the sea gives you a rare chance to catch a variety of fish for example; Cod, Catfish, Haddock, Pollack, Redfish and even Halibuton a good day!!

You can hire a specially equipped boat for touring, and fishing with a professional fisherman and tour guide that lives in the area

If desired they also can assist you with packing the fish you caught in consumer packages marked according to thefood supervision regulations. 

The record catch for Halibut in this area was greater then a whopping 200 kg!!

Season: 01.05 to 10.09 between. 15.00 and 20.00

Standard Tour, every day except Saturday and Sunday

Trip duration: 2 hours. Maximum people on board 5

Send request or booking on this email address: ro71no@stappan.no

King Crab Safari 
The tour starts from Stappan Seaproducts plant in Kobbenesveien 8 in Gjesvær.
Crab cages placed days in advance should now draes up from about 110 to 120meters.

It takes from 20 to 30 minutes by boat to the fishing grounds.

Usually you just pull a cage, but it also happens that you have to pull 2 to get enough for a good meal. You add new pastures in their cages as they are drawn, and they are released again.

The king crab is cleaned so it is throw them in the pot when you come back. After a half hour
the crabs are ready to be eaten, a wonderful delicious meal in our restaurant where you can buy the wine that best suits your meal.

Standard Tour, max number of persons: 5
Send request or booking on this email address: ro71no@gmail.com


  • Street: Kobbnesvegen 8
  • Postcode: 9765
  • Place: Gjesvær


  • Phone:: +47 95 03 77 22
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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