1. Midnight sun 

There´s no doubt that the winter in the Northern part of Norway can be quite challenging. Despite of the dark and tought winter, the inhabitants of Magerøya get thrilled when the midnight sun returns. As long as mother earth is by your side, you can explore the midnight sun at the North Cape from the middle of May to the end of July. To get the most spectacular midnight sun experience, visit the North Cape Platau or the fishing village Gjesvær. Curius about what the midnight sun really is? 


2. City- life 

Honningsvåg is a charming town because of the many uniqe stores lined up in the main street. Combine shopping with a good meal in a local restaurant and enjoy the company of the playful and kind inhabitants. Every year the North Cape festival is arranged in July, but because of the circumstance, the festival will be held in August this year. Experiencing this festival will be worth your time. 


3. Meet the locals from Magerøya 

People from Magerøya are something special. If you stay over a period of time, you might experience to get invited in on a cup of coffee by the locals because of their curiosity. The locals on Magerøya are proud of their town and the North Cape has deep root in their hearts. The population are genuine and direct. We are sure that you´ll have good stories and memories when you leave Magerøya, with a desire to come back and visit our spescial people. 


4. The fishing villages on Magerøya 

Fishing is a very important industry on Magerøya and originates from our beautiful fishing villages. We have four unique inhabited fishing villages on Magerøya; Skarsvåg, Gjesvær, Kamøyvær and Nordvågen. Skarsvåg is the northernmost fishing village. A short hike from Skarsvåg will take you to the phenomena Kirkeprten. When you reach Kirkeporten you will see a formation in mountain shaped as a gate which is a hot spot for discovering the midnight sun. Gjæsvær is a historic fishing village with roots all the way back to the Viking age. In Gjesvær you will also find Northern Europe´s largest and most accessible bird mountain called Gjesværstappan. Kamøyvær is a small fishing village with a large Knven population. Nordvågen is the largest fishing village on the island. 


5. Historical Magerøya

Did you know that Finnmark was the area hardest hit during World War II? Imagine Germans evacuating locals away from the island, looting and burning down all buildings, except one. Honningsvåg Church was saved by the Germans, and the church sits deep in the hearts of the locals to this day. We recommend that you learn more about Norwegian war history by visiting the North Cape Museum or the museum inside the North Cape Hall. It is also possible to visit the remaining church. Spend the summer at Magerøya and return home with strong historical impression and a goosebumps experience back in time.


6. Naked nature 

Driving the highway to North Cape? Then we can guarantee wild and beautiful nature as far the eye can see. The driveway to Magerøya is truly a breathtaking journey. The nature on Magerøya consists of a rugged and rocky landscape. Whether you arrive by plane, by boat or take the highway to the island, expect raw and arctic nature. On the island you can discover hikes for the most experienced hiker to the very newcomer. 


7. Wildlife 

One of the reasons to visit Magerøya during the summer is to get up close to the unique wildlife. You might think that reindeer only exists at the North Pole? That’s not quite true. Like you, the reindeer also spend their summer holidays on Magerøya. Do not be surprised if the cute reindeer gives you a helping hand with the gardening, or if you see them strolling around in the town of Honningsvåg. Usually there are to be found in the mountain or along the highway, so watch out if you are out driving. 


 8. The iconic North Cape

For over 300 years, people from all over the world have traveled to the North Cape to experience the northernmost point on the European mainland. Many personalities have taken the arduous journey north - kings, princes, adventurers and expedition and adventurers. Even for the locals, it is something very special to stand at the end of the world and look beyond the horizon. Do not miss a trip into the North Cape Hall. There you can learn more about Magerøyas rich history, eat a culinary meal and secure a memory home from the souvenir shop. Remember to watch the film that is shown daily in the cinema hall, where you get an insight into the local culture through all the seasons on the North Cape. A film that sheds light on how powerful, challenging and raw the forces of nature are here at the end of the world.

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