Regardless of the season, you will easily be able to sink into a romantic atmosphere at the North Cape. Admittedly, there are usually three layers of clothing, regardless of the season, but hey, who counts the layers of clothing when the mood is good! We warmly recommend a glass of champagne in the midnight sun at the North Cape, or a romantic picnic on the beach, while the waves splash and the seagulls sing. Or a paddle trip on the ocean while you study the king crabs in shallow water.

The North Cape can offer large crowds at times, but there is always a quiet place in nature, where you can enjoy the silence and the sweet company of each other.

Is there anything more romantic than a hot jacuzzi under the starry sky on the edge of the pier, perhaps with the northern lights dancing above? Or the two of you in front of a sparkling fireplace. The possibilities with us are endless, you just need to capture the moment.

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