The nature here in the north can seem barren and at times gray and full of rocks, but when you take a walk in nature you will discover beautiful, albeit often small plants both in the mountains and on the shore. The mountain flora consists of many small heather plants and mountain violets. The range of colors is large, and cricket heather in flower is a feast for the eyes. Autumn with us is an Eldorado for berry lovers, the coastal berry is the best berry, especially the cloud berry.
We have a bit of forest in the sheltered valley floor, but it is all the more interesting to see how the birch grows sideways into the open landscape, instead of upwards, in an attempt to find shelter from the wind.

The seashore is a favorite place for food lovers in early summer. Then there is an abundance of beautiful plants that even taste heavenly! After a little stroll, you can easily make your own version of "North Cape pesto" with oyster pickle, beach biscuits, starling and Siberian chives. "Fjellkvann" is often found in between sheltered cliffs by the seaside.

The people of the north have for years harvested from nature, both for medicinal use and for cooking, Sami and Norwegians alike. In modern times however there are few people who know about the treasures growing around us, beyond the fields of tasty berries.

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