Summer in arctic is as unpredictable as the northern lights are in winter. We may be blessed with +20 degrees and no wind for a few hours, before the fog sets in and the temperature drops to freezing.

The people of the north are quick to take off our clothes, it only takes a two-digit number on the thermometer before we have our shorts on, revealing winter-pale legs.

Regardless of the weather in the summer, there is a always a good atmosphere, which is why Honningsvåg was named "Summer City of Norway" some years ago, perhaps of its bustling folk life and good atmosphere.

For one reason or another, the weather is often best at night, and on these nights you can experience the fantastic midnight sun on the North Cape. There is something majestic about being at the end of the world and looking out to sea. Perhaps you see a fishing boat coming home with the day's catch, or a cargo ship in the distance. But otherwise there is only the sea to the north - here where everything is north - and the next stop is the North Pole..

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