The North Cape area has for generations been a favorite place for artists in search of inspiration, and this has resulted in several small galleries and art shops scattered across the island. Here you can find the most beautiful paintings, prints, photography and handicrafts.

Throughout the year, you can also experience concerts and local theater performances, a film festival and other festivals. We may live far away from you who are reading this, and far from the big cities, but that doesn't stop us from creating life in the villages, often with fantastic results in the form of art, shows and entertainment.

Our area is full of history. All the way back to Ottar's account from the Viking Age, you can find records from the northernmost north, and physical traces say that our ancestors have lived here since the Stone Age. Here we have lived off what the sea and nature have given us over the millennia, and even though we today are a modern society, it is the continued fishing and aquaculture that is the lifeline of society. A stroll along the promenade in spring can be experienced as a cultural-historical journey back in time, with the scents of the ocean, the sound of the fishing boats and seagulls, life on the quay with the fresh produce of the ocean which can quickly be perceived as going back 50 years in time. The working methods are still the same, the atmosphere is the same, the fishermen are still just as secretive about how much fish was in the day's catch, even though anyone can check the catch report online a little over half an hour after delivery.

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